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Invest in Outcomes

ROI-focused partnerships
with industry

With the Talent Partnership, grow high-performing programs & directly connect talent with employers of choice.

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The Partnership is investing in strategic alliances and talent development to diversify Gaston's traditional industries and scale businesses.

Smart Manufacturing


(in current development)


(in current development)


The Talent Partnership of Gaston County builds and manages talent pipelines for critical industry needs in Gaston County, NC.

The Talent Partnership's mission is two-fold: 

  1. Increase the quality and quantity of critical talent for Gaston County's industries by partnering with key education & workforce entities

  2. Directly connect that talent to Gaston County's employers-of-choice

To achieve this objective at scale, the Partnership has worked with private sector, public sector, education, and grantmaking partners to create an innovative model crafted to better align education systems around producing in-demand talent outcomes.

We are educators' boots-on-the-ground support. In strong partnership with schools, we deploy industry-focused resources to access, recruit, prepare, and place talent from education networks with local employers.

Employers form Industry Partnership

Industry Partnership determines shared need and then works with educators to align & build talent pipelines

Industry Partnership hires representatives to access, recruit, prepare, and place talent from education networks with employers of choice in Industry Partnership.

Talent outcomes are fast-tracked for Industry Partnership. Firms pay for results they get.


Working alongside educators, the Partnership deploys additional teammates to provide an even deeper level of service for key industry partners.

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Talent Partnership Model

We proactively:

  • Recruit learners into industry-specific education programs
  • Partner to improve program content, enrollment, retention and completion rates

  • Market business & industry opportunities to target populations

  • Establish real-time feedback loops between industry & education to ensure exceptional program relevance

  • Streamline business engagement & establish a depth-chart of industry contacts 

  • Connect learners directly with partnering employers for internships and apprenticeships

  • Remove barriers that impede student success with wrap-around supports

  • Place program graduates into direct hire positions for partnering employers

  • Track graduate success & experiences with firms

  • Upskill learners further after students gain quality entry-level employment experiences 

  • Close critical data gaps between industry & education

  • Provide critical relief to your existing staff by embedding our Teammates and support infrastructure into your existing operations



In-demand programs that service sector-specific talent needs benefit from the Partnership's laser-focused recruitment team.

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